Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Located 31 minutes from Canyon Country Lodge, Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument is one of the many beautiful parks that can be explored in Utah. The Grand Staircase region and Escalante Canyon sections of the monument are popular for their waterfalls, arches, slot canyons, and much more. Since Grand Staircase- Escalante is more remote and experiences fewer visitors throughout the year, it is a great place to hike and enjoy the outdoors without having to share the experiences with lots of other visitors. Whether hiking one of the many available trails or enjoying a different exciting activity, every minute in Grand Staircase- Escalante will be a minute well spent.

Hikes for the Whole Family

Sometimes, hiking across the red rock landscape of Utah can be a daunting task, especially for inexperienced hikers or families with young children. Luckily, in Grand Staircase- Escalante, there are many different trails that hikers of all skill levels and ages can explore. These trails are easy to navigate, are relatively short, and don’t present serious risks, but they still give amazing views of the landscape. Families traveling to the Grand Staircase- Escalante area will be happy to find these and many other trails they can explore together.

Willis Creek Narrows

For views of gorgeous narrows that the whole family can enjoy, a walk on Willis Creek Narrows will be the perfect journey. To complete the journey, hikers can walk a total of 4.8 miles, but since it is an out and back, hikers can walk as little or as much as they like. The best section of narrows can be found at the mile and a half marker, so just a short, easy walk will give unbeatable views of narrows.

Lick Wash

This hike leads along a variety of landscapes, giving hikers the most inclusive view of the southern Utah lands. Hikers will take this eight-mile-long hike and see everything from narrows to canyons and even pine forests. Heights of up to 800 feet give beautiful panoramic views of the red rock landscape. This family-friendly hike will be an unforgettable trip along the southern Utah landscape.

Escalante Natural Bridge

Near the Escalante Canyon portion of the monument, families will find this short but exciting hike. This hike leads to the upper Escalante River canyon, which is arguably the most beautifully scenic land in the area. The 3.2-mile hike offers easy-to-traverse terrain and a chance to explore many unique and gorgeous sites.

Devil’s Garden

Another hike found in Escalante Canyon, the Devil’s Garden, despite its foreboding name, is a great family hike. This hike can be just over half a mile long, however, visitors can turn back whenever they please. The short hike offers views of hoodoos, domes, narrow passages, and small arches that can’t be seen together in other areas. For a short trip with a lot to see, Devil’s Garden is a great pick for families.

Hikes for Skilled Adventurers

Travelers to Grand Staircase- Escalante are often looking for a bit of adventure. With the strenuous and challenging hikes in the area, an adventure can easily be found. From narrow slot canyons to steep climbs and rough, rocky terrain, there is a challenging and exciting hike around every corner. Keep in mind, however, that these hikes are not for the faint of heart. Visitors should only attempt the following hikes if they are experienced and prepared for a difficult hike.

Yellow Rock/ The Box of the Paria River

With its blend of slickrock, mesas, and canyons, the Yellow Rock hike is a thrilling adventure. This trail offers 6.8 miles of strenuous hiking through a vast variety of landscapes. Hikers can look out at a sweeping view of red rock and vistas. Completing this hike will be a thrilling and unforgettable adventure.

Lick Wash to No Mans Mesa

This long, arduous hike is best reserved for avid, experienced hikers. The path leads along Lick Wash canyon and down to Park Wash. From there, hikers will walk up a goat path to No Mans Mesa. Though this 12-mile-long trail can be completed in one day, the gorgeous landscape and many opportunities for exploration make this the perfect multi-day camping hike.

Mollie’s Nipple

For hikers who love to scramble, it’s hard to find a better hike than Mollie’s Nipple. This huge, mountain-like formation stands as the tallest point in the area. In a vast landscape of flat rock, Mollie’s Nipple stands tall after many years of erosion wore the formation into the large cone it is today. On this ten-mile round trip, hikers will have the opportunity to climb all the way to the top of Mollie’s Nipple and take in the incredible panoramic view this formation provides.

Paria Movie Set to Buckskin Gulch

The trailhead of this hike, Paria Movie Set, was used as the backdrop for popular pieces like The Outlaw Josie Walesand the television series Gunsmoke. Hikers will make a large ascent up slopes and cliffs until they reach the skyline arch. The incredible views from this point make the 8.4-mile trip well worth the effort.

Other Exciting Activities

There is more to Grand Staircase- Escalante than the amazing hiking opportunities. Throughout the area, there are many different activities that allow visitors to see the area and learn about its history and heritage. Enjoying these other activities will give visitors a new appreciation of Grand Staircase- Escalante.

Scenic Drives

Seeing the incredible Grand Staircase- Escalante landscape doesn’t have to only be done on foot. There are many scenic overlooks and incredible sights to see just off the highways and roads. By driving along roads like the Scenic Byway Route 12 and Hell’s Backbone Road, visitors can see the very best views of the area without leaving the comfort of their car.

Guided Tours

Though exploring Grand Staircase- Escalante alone can be quite an adventure, the best way to get a complete view of the area is with a guided tour. Tour guides can take adventurers on hikes, climbs, ATV rides, and many other activities to see the best of the land.

Educational Opportunities

Since this area has such a rich history, learning about the land and the people in Grand Staircase- Escalante is a thrilling experience. Guests can visit the heritage center and the visitor’s center to learn about the area and gain some knowledge about how this beautiful land came to be.

Have a Grand Adventure at Grand Staircase- Escalante

With so much to do and see, Grand Staircase- Escalante is a true gem in Utah. Though it is not as popular as Zion and Bryce, this national monument and the surrounding areas can offer guests many incredible adventures. Whether enjoying a multi-day hike in the backcountry or driving along the scenic highway, Grand Staircase- Escalante will provide visitors with the perfect outdoor vacation.