Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the most popular parks in Utah, second only to Zion National Park. In recent years, Bryce Canyon has seen a large uptick in visitors, with over two million people visiting during the 2017 season. With its incredible scenery, gravity-defying hoodoos, and many exciting activities, it’s no wonder why so many people are making Bryce Canyon their premier vacation spot.

The most popular activity to enjoy while in Bryce Canyon is hiking. The many trails, from easy walks to grueling hikes, make it the perfect place for people of every skill level to enjoy some time outdoors. There are also many other activities that everyone can enjoy while spending time in this park. At Bryce Canyon, every minute of every day can be filled with a new and exciting adventure that will never be forgotten.

Bryce Canyon Hikes for Families

When thinking of hiking, most people think of intense scrambles up mountains and precarious footpaths along cliffs. While Bryce Canyon does have some pretty strenuous trails, it also features easy, yet exciting, trails that the whole family can enjoy. Visitors with limited hiking experience, and even those with minor mobility issues, will be able to embark on an incredible hiking excursion in Bryce Canyon.

Navajo Loop

This short loop is full of incredible views and photo opportunities. This easy hike will take most hikers around one to two hours to complete. Beginning at Sunset Point, hikers will follow the loop down to the floor of the canyon. Along the way, hikers will see some of the hoodoos that make Bryce Canyon famous, such as Wall Street, Thor’s Hammer, and Twin Bridges. The whole family will love this leisurely trail.

Rim Trail

The great thing about Rim Trail is the fact that hikers can walk anywhere from half a mile to five miles. This trail leads along the rim of the canyon, giving an incredible panoramic view of the whole canyon. Visitors can utilize the parking area at the rim of the canyon and walk as far as they would like. The view from Rim Trail is a great place to take pictures, see the landscape, and reflect on the incredible experiences had here.

Queens Garden Trail

The geological formations in Bryce Canyon are some of the most amazing that can be seen in the United States. While hiking Queens Garden Trail, hikers will see some of the most impressive formations in the area, such as Gulliver’s Castle, the Queen’s Castle, and Queen Elizabeth. These rock formations can be easily viewed from this trail, which descends into the canyon. The hike will take most people around one to two hours to complete and will be an unforgettable hiking adventure.

Bryce Canyon Hikes for Adventurers

Hikers who love to push the limits will feel right at home among Bryce Canyon’s red rock landscape. The difficult hikes of Bryce Canyon will be a challenge, even for experienced hikers. There are perilous cliffs, scorching temperatures, rugged terrain, and many more obstacles to surmount. Completing any of the difficult hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park will leave hikers with an unparalleled sense of accomplishment.

Fairyland Loop

The fanciful name of this loop is deceiving, as Fairyland Loop is one of the more difficult hikes in Bryce Canyon. The loop winds along the Fairyland Amphitheater, giving hikers amazing views of a series of rock formations. This hike is eight miles long, which means it will take most hikers the whole day to complete. The many interesting views and obstacles along this trail make it well worth the time and effort put in to complete it.

Rigg’s Spring Loop

This hike is just under nine miles long and can be hiked as a day hike or as a backpacking adventure. Hikers will explore the Pink Cliffs of Bryce Canyon National Park on this unforgettable hike. For those who would like to take their time and turn this hike into an overnight backpacking trip, there are three backcountry campgrounds that will provide the perfect place to rest.

Under the Rim Trail

This 23-mile-long hike will give hikers the backcountry experience while staying within park limits. This trail travels along the southern portion of Bryce Canyon, meaning it is far from the more popular areas of the park. Visitors can hike this trail and experience the serenity of nature. This hike takes most people about 12 hours to complete, so those who would like to camp overnight will need to register for a campsite.

Other Popular Activities

When visitors need a break from all the strenuous outdoor action, Bryce Canyon has many other activities that can be enjoyed. These other activities will give visitors a better appreciation for Bryce Canyon and will be a leisurely way to spend a bit of time in the area. No matter how much time visitors plan to spend in Bryce Canyon, they should make sure to carve out some time for at least one of these exhilarating activities.

Scenic Drives

The least strenuous way to experience the beauty of Bryce Canyon is with a scenic drive. By driving on Highway 65, visitors can enjoy an 18-mile-long scenic drive to explore the area from the comfort of their vehicle. Along the trip, there are many scenic viewpoints the should be stopped at to enjoy the full beauty of Bryce.

Star Gazing

Due to the minimal amounts of light pollution and the vast landscape, the night sky in Bryce is truly breathtaking. On a clear night, the Milky Way can be easily seen with the naked eye. Visitors will be in awe at the endless number of stars above them in Bryce Canyon.

Adventure Tours

Adventure tours can introduce visitors to a new activity while providing a thrilling experience. Guests can ride ATVs, horses, and Jeeps or hike and climb their way across the landscape. These activities, which are outside the park limits, will add a bit of spice to an already exciting adventure in Bryce Canyon.

Experience Bryce Canyon

For individuals or families who are trying to decide where to take their next vacation, Bryce Canyon is a perfect choice. Bryce Canyon will prove itself to be one of the most amazing, exciting, and unique places to travel. From the gorgeous landscape to the thrilling activities, every second in this southern Utah park will be an adventure.