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3 Places You Need To See Near Escalante

Although the entire Escalante area is magnificent, here are 3 places you should check out!

Calf Creek Falls

This is a nice, easy walk/hike to a cool desert waterfall. The trail is about 3 miles to the falls themselves. It’s always fun to take a little dip or at least put your feet in the pools once you get there. The water is very clear and you can swim with the fish for a bit until you’re ready to make the 1 hour walk/hike back to the campground.

Devil’s Garden

Devil’s Garden is relatively small and only takes about 30 minutes to fully explore, and children will love to run around Devil’s Garden as well. This is a great short hike to do in conjunction with one or more of the other hikes located along Hole in the Rock Road.

Peekaboo & Spooky Gulch

This route is a great three mile loop. It gives you some amazing views and some awesome trail between two amazing slot canyons, Peek-A-Boo which is a slot and corkscrew and Spooky Gultch, a narrow slot canyon. Although fun, be careful doing it at night because depending on the time of year, rattlesnakes could be in the brush.

Stop by and stay with us when you come see these 3 places!


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